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“I would like to thank, Bob, Eric and Denise for a pleasant experience in buying my boat with a slip at LHM Woodport. I have been searching for my perfect boat and found it at LHM. It needed to be quick and powerful, a good size for trailering if needed, big enough for a family of 6 plus friends and of course within my budget. Eric and Bob helped me initially by sending me pictures of the boat that met my requirements. I then came to the Marina and negotiated a price that was accepted to us as well as a negotiation with a slip. I was hesitant with the slip because I have had a boat at Greenwood lake for a few years. (After driving around LH and visiting a few restaurants I feel positive about the experience for this summer. As a family we also joined the Knee Deep fishing Club and participated in watching the launch of Trout stocking this year and looking forward to the Trout fishing contest in April.) Once we agreed on a price we scheduled a test drive with a mechanical inspection of the boat. The inspection and test drive went well and I was very happy with the results. The boat was confirmed in the excellent condition that it was presented as. I felt very good about finishing the details and final paperwork. I was then asked to work with Denise to finalize the last details and sign the boat over to me. Denise was very pleasant and took the time explaining anything that I was unsure of. The boat is now mine and looking forward to a great summer with family and friends at Lake Hopatcong Marine Woodport. “

By: Victor Franklin Lakes , NJ

“Bob, Mitch, I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy holiday season. And also thank you for your support this year with the boat. You made our first year of boating very enjoyable for me and my family. Happy Holidays, Alvin “

By: Alvin NJ

“Was very pleased with my experience at Lake Hopatcong Marine. I was initially interested in a 1987 Ski Supreme that they offered on their resale program. Living in New Hampshire, travelling to Lake Hopatcong to view the boat was not trivial, and when I arrived Bob informed me that the boat was not as represented to him. He offered to refund my deposit which I was inclined to do, except that he also had a 1990 Malibu Skier that just came in. We moved the deposit to the Malibu unit they had an opportunity to evaluate the boat and fix a few issues that we identified. I came back a few weeks later, tested the boat and bought it. They were willing to store the boat for almost 3 months until I was able to return again and pick it up. The boat was everything represented, and my family and I are extremely happy.” “

By: John NH

“We are already on our second boat from Lake Hopatcong Marine. These guys are great!! What a fun atmosphere they create here. It is like one big family. Bob is so accomodating. Whenever we had an issue or question, he dropped everything and helped us out. And their boat mechanic, Chuck, is top notch when it comes to working on our boat. You couldn’t ask for a better place to buy your boat or having then maintain it. I highly recommend giving these guys a call if you are looking for a boat or a place to keep your boat. ”

By: Tom Bergenfield, NJ

“I was in the market for my first boat, but wanted something used. A friend suggested I visit Bob at Lake Hopatcong Marine in Woodport. He had purchased a boat there a few years ago and keeps it in a slip at the marina. He had nothing but good things to say about the marina and its staff. Well, now that I purchased my boat from them, I couldn’t agree more. Since I live on the lake, I do not keep my boat at the marina. But anytime I need service done, or I’m looking for an accessory or have a question about my boat, Bob and his staff are ready and willing to help. The sales staff is extremely knowledgable about the boats they sell and Chuck the mechanic can fix just about anything. In fact, over 4th of July weekend, I was having an issue with my boat and he saved the day by coming to my aid. Even though the marina was very busy with activity, he dropped what he was doing to get my boat working again within a couple of hours! This establishment is top notch!”

By: Anonymous Lake Hopatcong, NJ

“I just started boating on lake Hopatcong and decided to purchase a new Pontoon Boat this past summer. I seen the Bentley Pontoon Boats all over the lake and I would stop everyone I seen on a Bentley and ask how they liked the boat, everyone of them had nothing but good things to say about the quality and enjoyment they are having with there Bentley Pontoon Boat and they all recommended that I see the Staff at Lake Hopatcong Marine. After going around the lake and visiting other marinas and not being happy with the way I was treated and the uneducated staff at these marinas.(many of them were too busy to even talk to me and my wife)… so it was time to drive over to Lake Hopatcong Marine and check out the boats in there showroom located on 181 in woodport, As soon as we unloaded everyone from the car we were met by Bob, we told him we were looking at pontoon boats and no sooner did we say that he had us all out for a ride in a brand new Bentley Pontoon Boat. It was a beautiful day, my kids enjoyed Bobs Bubbly attitude and he even let them drive the boat, no high pressure sales, Bob lives on the lake and loves what he does,and know the product very well and we had a great time with him showing us areas of woodport that I could never see with my other boat….It was a real simple disicion “we wanted a Bentley” so we went back to the marina and purchased a brand new Bentley, The Staff at both marinas have treated us very well, Denise took care of all the paperwork and Ron and Bob made sure I was in the water by the weekend….I have nothing but great things to say about Lake Hopatcong Marine they have made our summer the most enjoyable summer for my family and me in years and look foward to years of enjoyment with my Bentley Pontoon Boat and the staff at lake Hopatcong Marine”

By: Anonymous STILLWATER, NJ